Saturday, October 20, 2012

In the beginning

“The world as we have created it is a process of our thinking. It cannot be changed without changing our thinking.”
― Albert Einstein

  I am a 23 year old girl trapped in the body/mindset of an unhealthy older woman. Besides this bitter truth, I have always been a very happy and confident girl. I was blessed with the ability to learn from example and not by example. Seeing other people in the same physical shape I was in, even at such a young age, most people would feel bad for these people because most of them fit into the catagory of  lonely, depressed, ugly, emotional when I was nothing of the sort. I had a ton of friends, I loved being social, I loved myself, I loved life even when some of the people closest to me were in a relate-able situation and did not feel the same. These people I looked up to but if I had followed in their footsteps rather then learn from their failure I would not be the person I am growing into today.

  In high school, I had no desire to loose weight. All my friends ate whatever they wanted whenever they wanted and looked fantastic, so why can't I? So I did and enjoyed every pizza slice, every cupcake, every bagel with cream cheese that I had. Those things didn't affect my mentality or who I was, but years later at 22, they made me who I was; unhealthy.This is when the time for change clicked in my mind and I was ready on my own to do it.

 I tried Weight Watchers, low calorie diets, doctor supervised diets, diet pills, starving myself, Sensa, blah blah blah, and nothing worked for long. This was NOT how I wanted to live my life anymore. I needed a total lifestyle change that worked for me and I found, so-far, what I believe is the best for me. NO/LOW CARBS! AHHH! How could a girl raised in an Italian family not eat bread, pizza, pasta, sugar, fruit? I'm still not sure but it is working; with the addition of exercise.

   I am not perfect, and have flat-lined a bit on my progress but I am with strong hope that I will push through this and be very successful with my whole lifestyle change. I have already lost 40lbs and by keeping on strong, I know I have a lot to lose, in a good way! My next milestone is 40lbs more. Lets see how it goes.

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